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3rd December Oxford TBJ educational day 10.30 am til 5.30 pm GMT zoom link

Special Guest Speakers

Prof Dolores Cahill
Richard Vobes
Mick Stott
Maneka Helleberg
Dr Jennifer Hibberd
Sovereign Pete
and Special Guests
Native Leaders
Oxford Trial By Jury Educational Training Day

In November 2023, despite local protests and petitions, Oxford Councilors voted to make Low Traffic Networks (LTNs) permanent. As a result people in these areas have suffered job losses, gridlocked traffic, business closures, health challenges and major disruption in their daily lives. LTNs are becoming 15 min Ghettos.

Is your City next?

No one is above the law, we are all accountable for our actions, and must be honourable in all of our dealings. Simply causing no harm, injury or loss to another, whilst upholding everyone’s INALIENABLE rights; a happy life, privacy, property, travel and speech.

It’s time to revive the highest court in the land, practice our people power and hold a Trial by Jury Educational Training in Oxford putting LTNs on Trial.

Join us on this historic day at the event or watch live by Zoom.

This is an open discussion on the merits and flaws of the LTNs for the people affected by them in Oxford. We welcome Councilors, Solicitors, Barristers, LTN advocates and those against, to come and have their say. Put your view to the Jury of 12.

Let natural Law and justice prevail.

The event is FREE, Donations are Welcome, Lunch available in a nearby Indian restaurant, can be bought for £10. You can also bring your own lunch and drinks. Tea can coffee available to purchase.

3rd December

10.30 - 12.30

Discussion on Natural rights and Uses of Trial By Jury

13.00 - 18.00

Example Trial by Jury around LTNs in Oxford
The Voices of Oxford
Experts For and Against LTNs

Cowley Workers Social club Oxford OX4 3LZ

Ancient LAWFUL Solutions for Modern Problems

If you are sick of the upheavals and the endless nonsense and you want to live your life and create a bright positive future for our youngsters, then join us!

We have lawful solutions to rebuild our society and to reestablish peace, prosperity and stability in our villages, towns and cities.

In the not so distant past,  before we had over reaching councils,  governments and over zealous police, that have no interest in crime just collecting fines.

We lived in the law. It was simple we did not cause harm, injury, loss or attempt to defraud others and IF we did we were held to account and faced the consequences for doing harm others.

The community got together and dealt with disagreements,  broken contracts and criminal behavior.

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Nowadays who is holding officials to account? Who is policing the police?

Managers in charge of health institutions are allowed to make unfair and sometimes disastrous decisions and then they retire without any consequences, often with a big pay cheque funded by us!

 MPs basically routinely ignore their constituents concerns about more or less everything including medical interventions and their consequences. There is never enough money, apart from for what they consider worthy, whatever their narrative of this week is.

Councils plough on with unreasonable, pointless schemes designed solely to take more money out of our pockets. Just another back door tax as if they don’t take enough.

In a free and fair society we all need to be held to account and it starts now!

Co-Ops To Help Your Business Survive And Thrive

What is a co-op?

A co-operative is an independent business owned and controlled by its members. 


It provides education and training to everyone involved, so they can develop the co-op and promote the benefits of co-operation and community

How does it work

There is a core co-op with fixed members that provides guidance education and training in lawful conduct eg. how to keep your business safe from over overreaching government legislation.

We recommend joining a Multi-Stakeholder Co-op limited by shares

Multi-stakeholder means a combination of members own and control the co-operative business.  This might mean a housing co-op with residents and workers making decisions together. Or a multi-million pound retail co-operative where members are elected to have a say to represent customers and the communities where they operate. 

This gives us greater flexibility to include existing businesses with their current customers.

How can it benefit me as business owner?

Each Co-op joins the Core Co-op so that it can operate within the law (cause no harm, loss or injury or act in a fraudulent manner).

Your customers can become members of your organisation which in turn can be a Co-op or another structure and you can trade freely even during a lock-down.

Run your business as a co-op and not be subjected to taxes, rules and regulations.

Join as a limited company, individual, private members association or trust.

So what does membership mean?

Membership is open and voluntary - so anyone should be able to join, and they have to want to join

One member one vote - membership is democratic and everyone has an equal say. There are no majority shareholders here.

Members put something in and get something out - co-ops are not charities, each member contributes but also receives something in return. The contribution could be working for the co-op, investing in the co-op, shopping or trading with it. Any surplus made, after all the costs are covered, can be shared between the members (sometimes known as a dividend) or reinvested back into the co-op.

There are seven co-operative principles that define how a co-op operates:   
  1. A co-op is owned and controlled by its members. It exists for the benefit of its members, who may be customers, workers, suppliers or the wider community.

  2. A co-op is democratic – this means every member has an equal say in how it’s run and how profits are used.

  3. Every member contributes financially in some way – from buying products, working for the co-op, investing in it or deciding how to spend its profits.  

  4. A co-op is an independent business, owned and controlled by its members.

  5. It offers education and training to everyone involved, so they can develop the co-op and promote the benefits of co-operation.

  6. It co-operates, works with and supports other co-ops.

  7. A co-op supports the communities it works with.

For the average Brit when thinking of co-op the co-op supermarket is what comes to mind, well even that now has private shareholders and is no longer a true co-op. Mondragon Co-op in Spain has been trading for more than 70 years as a true co-op, it is a massive business where they have their own manufacturing plants, it was forced to start out of desperation, but is a wonderful example of what a co-op can truly be.

Is it easy to start?

All you have to do is fill in the paperwork and start trading.  Your members have a vote. Full training and support will be given to trade lawfully as a co-op. 


Trial by Jury Educational Training

How We Can Hold “Officials” To Account

You have absolute authority over yourself, you are sovereign and you have natural rights that cannot be taken away. 

Journalist Neil Oliver says it better than we can:

We are confronted at every turn by an over-mighty and over-reaching state that has assumed ultimate power over sovereign individuals.

As some point in history sovereign Britain has been replaced by Corporate Britain (The United Kingdom Ltd) in which a board of corporate types assume the authority to make all decisions on our behalf. 

This is unlawful and just plain wrong.

Many people have forgotten what it is to be sovereign and we are not taught any of this at school.

The truth is we are born sovereign and to be sovereign is to have absolute authority over our own bodies, minds and actions.  We are only subject to natural law, which we break only when we harm others, damage their property, steal what is not ours and behave fraudulently in our dealings with others.

The state to interferes with how we go about our lives by the stuff of statute, that is Acts, Statutes and Bills which are drawn up and passed by parliament. As parliament only governs by our consent, it’s clear to see they have no right to force us to do anything. They act in our name.

Therefore such legislation ONLY has power over us if we consent to it.

Rules and regulations defined by Statutes are said in Dictionaries of Law to acquire the force of law ONLY when we grant our consent.

A fact of being Sovereign is, if we withhold or withdraw our consent, that is the end of the matter.

The State knows this too, now we have to remind the State of the limits of its power and to acknowledge the supreme power of us men and women.

Natural law is older than Parliament. Whether or not you believe there is a creator, it is CLEAR that Parliament and councils have been created by us men and women and that they stand beneath us. They serve us, they do not rule us. 

The state knows that the inalienable rights of the Sovereign individual are constant, many Parliamentarians have chosen to forget this and many people are ignorant of the REAL LAW. They take our money as payment, there can be no ignorance of the LAW, they are our servants, we call the shots not them.

Its time to resurrect this ancient power, reclaim our right to hold public officials to account in Trial by Jury.

What is a Trial by Jury?

It’s very simple, 12 people are selected from a group of people who have been trained in Natural Law to pass judgment as to whether a man or woman in public office or the local community is innocent or guilty of a crime or offence.  Unlawful legislation can also be tried in this way.

How can it benefit the community?

It differentiates between the law and the legal system, in that the law is simple and applies to everyone.  The legal system has (deliberately) inverted the “law” to the extent that the legal system is complicated, and beyond the knowledge of the ordinary man and woman and in fact often the lawyers are not fully aware of these laws, hence they tend to specialise, it’s too much for one person to learn it all.

And every year the government produces more and more Acts, Statutes and recently Diktats!

The banks, the judiciary and the government are all complicit in creating legislation that most people  do not want such as ULEZ, 15 min cities Clean air zones, Net zero and so many more.

Despite protests and petitions no one “in charge” is listening, and if they are they pretend that it’s someone else’s responsibility.  What can we do as people to protect our homes, businesses and inherent rights?

Organise Trial by Juries which are the highest court in the land.

How do I get involved?

Health Hubs
Join a Health Hub

What is a Health Hub?

A Co-operative Health Hub does not seek to replace your access to the NHS, Your GP or Hospital Accident and Emergency. What it will seek to provide is an ongoing way for you to quickly access well-being services from locally based and qualified practitioners and to help people to understand how to take back power of their own health and body.


Because the Health Hubs are community based and Co-operative in their structure, the focus is on your whole well-being rather than prescribing Big Pharma Drugs, that mostly mask the real problems in your health journey. Ask most people how long they have to take their treatment for? If there is no end in sight that is not a cure. The NHS budget for pharmaceuticals is well over £17,000,000,000 a year and it’s rising.


Taking Control Of Your Health

For many people accessing the NHS, especially at the General Practitioner (GP) surgery, the experience may be one of a fairly rushed consultation with little attention paid to the underlying issues that have possibly caused your ill health.

Taking control of your health means that you can, with the assistance of your local health hub practitioners, achieve a better overall outcome for your health and potentially less reliance on the NHS, GPs and Hospitals.


What does being Co-Operative Mean for a Health Hub

Medicine is a huge business for the pharmaceutical industry with profits that increase each year and that have skyrocketed over the last few years (2021/22/23). Big Business has an imperative to make as much profit as possible while maintaining a good brand image. A co-operative’s imperative is to make sure that they operate for the good of the community as a whole rather than just the Corporate Shareholders.


This change in focus from Big Profits to Community Well-being shifts the whole model of heath care to one where the Health Hub and all Co-Op members strive to ensure that everyone is well and need fewer health interventions. Coupling this ethos with a focus of good quality local food with a food co-op pays massive benefits in the overall good of your local community and for your sense of well-being and of belonging to a groups of like minded people who truly care about you.

About us

We are a group of people who will not stand by and allow our nation to descend into a tyranny lead by the government. We have knowledge of our inherent and inalienable rights in Natural Law and we have come up with workable solutions. We feel the time to protest and petition is over as it is clear that the government and council’s are not listening.

Nothing can be done to you without your consent and the government is coercing this consent from you, often by trickery.

We are being coerced into accepting schemes which will disrupt our businesses, wreck our society, create depression and ill health and most importantly jeopardise our freedom.

We men and women need to stand up for ourselves and for each other, to reclaim our rights and power, to withdraw our consent to corrupt Government who have no contract with us to bring in unlawful schemes such as 15 Minute Cities and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods,  that infringe on our inherent rights which are:

  • Right to life and bodily integrity

  • Right to travel

  • Right to speech

  • Right to privacy

  • Right to private property

IF this resonates with you then join us in creating a free, accountable and just society.

The Oxford is Free Team.

Contact us
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